Sunday, May 02, 2010

Issues – May 2nd 2010

The following issues may be of interest to you. If you wish to discuss these or any other matters at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1. Dublin Bus:

123 Route:
As you may be aware, last Thursday April 22nd I organised a public meeting as part of my campaign for the re-introduction of the original route of the 123 Bus northward through Marino. The meeting was attended by representatives of Dublin Bus and An Garda Siochána.The following was agreed at the meeting:1. Dublin Bus apologised for the lack of consultation on the withdrawal of the route.2. An Garda Síochána accepted that illegal parking is a major factor in the problem.3. It was agreed that a small committee of residents, Public Representatives and representatives from Dublin Bus, An Garda Síochána and Dublin City Council will meet to investigate possible solutions.4. Trade Union representatives will also be invited to future meetings,5. A petition of 150 local names in opposition to the re-routing was accepted by Dublin Bus.I will keep you fully informed of all future developments in this regard.

Community Fund
Please find details of the Dublin Bus Community Fund here

Dublin Bus to come to Area Committee
Representatives from Dublin Bus are due to visit the May Meeting of the Dubllin North Central Area Committee to discuss issues with local councillors. If you have any issues that you wish discussed please feel free to let me know.

Dublin Bus Cuts:
Perhaps the following statement on the so-called ‘overhaul’ of the Dublin Bus network would be of interest to you, Please see the following statement from Labour Transport Spokesperson Tommy Broughan TD expressing concern at the potential loss of 90 buses and up to 150 jobs that may remove or reduce services for bus dependent commuters.

2. Northside Partnership Education Conference

Please find attached information on an event on the 18th of May 2010 at 3.30 p.m. at Dublin City University in the Larkin Lecture Theatre, “Making Change Happen Through Education”.

This event marks the achievements of some of Northside Partnership’s most successful educational initiatives, the Millennium Fund, supported by the Department of Education and Skills, and the Challenger Programme, supported by the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs. These programmes have been highly successful and effective in promoting access to higher education and enhancing educational attainment of students from areas historically associated with underachieving in education.

Between 2007/08 and 2009/10 the total number of students who benefitted from the Millennium Fund reached 500. Each year 30 new students are supported under the Challenger Programme to progress from 6th class through to 6th year with a view to accomplishing their leaving certificate. Since its establishment in the mid-1990s, over 450 students received support under the Challenger Programme.

Speakers will include Mr. Brian Mooney, Irish Times columnist and former President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors. A number of our former students who have been supported by the Millennium Fund and Challenger initiative will also speak about the impact these programmes had on their lives.

This event is an important opportunity to witness what can be achieved when a number of organisations and agencies come together to develop and deliver targeted local initiatives that enhance educational prospects for many students

Feel free to contact Linda Sharley at if you are interested in attending the event.

3. Fairview Park Playground Consultation

The process is well under way for the design of the new playground in Fairview Park Playground (See Attached Also)
Come along & see the plans!
Friday 7th & Saturday 8th May
St Joseph’s CBS Primary School,
Marino Park Avenue
Presentation of plans Friday 7.30pm
All welcome!
Display on view Friday 4pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 11am-5pm

4. Sunday Business Post Poll Rating

So we’re up 7 points to 24% in today’s Sunday Business Post. Is it the May Day Weekend? Whatever the reason, it really is game on. See Eamon Gilmore’s conference speech here:

5. British General Election

The big news of the week was, apparently, Duffygate, and Mr Brown’s disappointing failure to either swear at or physically assault his staff over the open mike. This story was replaced at the top of the news by the third leader’s debate and the shift back to the economy. An interesting feature of which was Brown’s determination to attack Cameron and the Tories, Cameron’s determination to attack Clegg, and Clegg wanting everyone to be friends. An important intervention in the campaign came from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, whose report can be read here Here Neal Lawson of Compass argues for Lib-Lab co-operation, based on a rose-tinted view of the Lib-Dem party. Here is an interesting piece on possible Lib-Dem gains from Labour While The New Statesman ponders Nick Clegg's ambition to be Prime Minister, and why Labour should not be written out of this election.

6. Gerry Ryan

Before we end, a word about the passing of Gerry Ryan, the local boy who became one of the most accomplished and talented broadcasters of this generation. His loss is truly shocking and upsetting. The Lord Mayor is to open a Book of Condolence on Monday in the Mansion House to allow ordinary Dubliners the opportunity to express their sympathy to the Ryan family. Check out further details at